Chuck…A Houston Gospel Rapper

Years ago while attending Missouri City Middle School, Chuck was writing secular raps and gospel raps. To keep himself occupied in church, he would listen to what the Pastor was preaching, write it down, and then make raps of it. When he got back home he would rhyme to his friends in the neighborhood. They began calling him Poetic Prophet.

Throughout high school (Willowridge High School) he would continue to write these gospel raps. The only difference was, he wasn’t copying from what was preached. He was listening and studying the word and then composing rhymes. It took for him to graduate high school, go through some serious trials and tribulations, get married and have kids and a bad record deal to realize that secular rap isn’t what God gave him talents for.

In 2005 he recorded Lyrical Messages volume 1 in his friends garage. At work he learned graphic design so he designed his own album artwork. With hardly any budget he pressed up his first CD. The CD did good considering how it came about. He sold 500 copies. The following year, he released a mixtape called “Who is the Lyrical Messenger”. The next studio album was released in 2007. It was called Get Saved volume 2. This has been his best project to date selling over 3000 copies. Get Saved was followed by another mixtape release called God is Good. It came out in 2009. Next in line is the next studio album, called “Highly Favored volume 3”. It is due out in the spring of 2011.

Poetic continues to perform at various churches, youth events, community centers and festivals. He is currently available for booking. Stay tuned to see what God has in store…Peace & Blessings!