Seattle’s Biz Kid$

Posted: July 25, 2008 in Technology
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I had a super case of jet lag and I recently realized that I hate layovers to switch planes. Last Friday I went to Seattle Washington to shoot a music video and feature for Biz Kid$. What is Biz Kid$? Great question. They are a TV show that comes on PBS dedicated to the young entrepreneur. Mainly teenagers, the show features success stories, how to’s and examples of how kids can become successful business people in a fun and entertaining way. I was contacted by Shilpa, one of the directors and an overall great person.

She told me about the show and what they wanted to do. This season they wanted to integrate online businesses and online marketing into the subject matter, and what better way than to feature the SEO Rapper. I wrote lyrics for Biz Kid$ describing how having a website with the proper marketing can be a great and lucrative business when done correctly.

I had a chance to be a tourist and check out what Seattle had to offer. Bekky, Biz Kid$, was the shiznit. She showed me all over downtown Seattle and took me to and from the airport. Mandy and Sean were very cool too. I think Seattle is a great place. The real estate prices were ridiculous, especially when compared to Houston. Biz Kid$ is a great show. I’ve told my children about it. Check out my Flickr page to see pictures.

  1. Arthur Brown says:

    Congratulation on the video shoot with PBS. Man you are doing it big.

  2. Ravi Gehlot says:

    Man…I think this whole thing about RAP and SEO and technology is innovation. It sounds right man..keep doing what you doing cause there will be someone out there..a big company that will want YOU to RAP for their company! $$$

  3. danny stephen says:

    thanks for your information related to biz kids…
    great work man..keep it up
    and the whole idea about online marketing sounds good..


    Link Building

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