RIP Pimp C

Posted: December 6, 2007 in Music
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Here we go again Houston. I feel like I already wrote this post. In the middle of October God called Big Moe home. Last month was the anniversary of DJ Screw’s death. Two days ago, Chad Butler, otherwise known as Pimp C died. I was checking emails first thing in the morning like always and reading up on the latest entertainment and online marketing news when I landed on the TMZ site.pimp-c.jpg Pimp C found dead in hotel room. I was like, man hell nall, this can’t be true. Then I turned the radio on to the Madd Hatta Morning Show and Hatta was like, “Houston we have a problem. Pimp C of the great UGK was found dead”. My heart hit the floor. My inbox began piling up and I received about 100 text messages saying RIP Pimp C. I’m still shocked. I hope it was from some sort of natural causes and he didn’t get murked. I hope it wasn’t drug related either. UGK was affiliated with the Screwed Up Click and everyone thinks that the SUC members who have passed were drug related deaths, which is a lie. I pray that God wraps his hands of grace around Chad’s family, especially his children. My heart goes out to Bun B. I can only imagine what he going through (keep ya head Bun B, the city is here for you). He kept Pimp C alive while he was incarcerated by branding “Free Pimp C”. Hopefully, he’ll keep him alive by branding “RIP Pimp C”. This is a devastating blow to the rap scene down south. I created an Imeem playlist of some of my favorites dedicated to Pimp C. I want to encourage everyone to squash all the beef you may have with people. It’s just not worth it. Give the people you love and care about their flowers while they can smell them because like Bun and Pimp said, “One day you here and the next you’re gone”….ya dig…Peace & Blessings!


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