New music out…my thoughts

Posted: November 27, 2007 in Music

Well, since I love hip hop and try to collect the albums that are released, I figured I post my thoughts about the latest albums I’ve collected. Starting in the south, the UGK album, “Underground Kingz” was all it was hyped up to be. It is another UGK classic, although I think “SuperTight” and “Riding Dirty” was there best work. Cham’s “Ultimate Victory” is a certified jammer. He showed growth. TIP has yet to let me down. His album was throwed but “Urban Legend” is still his best work. Other than those, everyone else dropped was alright, except for Plies, his album was hard too. Trae’s album was cool, but it didn’t sound complete. He needed a song with ZRO. I’m anxiously awaiting the new Scarface album that is supposed to drop in December. I don’t think I picked up any album from anyone on the West Coast, and I probably won’t until Game drops or Detox finally comes out. I might get that Snoop when he drops. I heard the single and he was singing on it. I had a debate with my boy Feetoe about who was holding it down in Philly. We sat and listed to Freeway and Cassidy’s albums. Cassidy took it lyrically, hands down. I think overall, Freeway’s album was better though (probably the features from Busta, Hov, Jada and Face). Speaking of Hov, “American Gangster” is artwork. It bumped “Reasonable Doubt” out of my top 3 Jay Z albums (The Blueprint, The Black Album & AG). Kanye beat Fiddy and he should have. The album was just better. Fiddy’s album was better than I thought it would be, but, Kanye overly exceeded expectations. I think that’s about it. Those albums are what made it to my regular rotation. Oh yeah…Keisha Cole…great album to pick up. So…I’m still waiting on the official “Carter 3” from Weezy F, a new album from B. Siegel (supposed to drop soon), Lil KeKe (whenever Swisha House decides to let it out) and somebody please save the West Coast…ya dig…Peace and Blessings!

  1. Kimberly says:

    Music is always an interesting topic. Keyshia Cole’s new album….”WOW” To just call it ‘Great’ is an understatement. I’m sure the ladies out there can relate. Each song touches on different aspects of many relationships I have heard about and been apart of. This is one of very few albums I can listen to in it’s entirety without skipping to the next track. Well I maybe a little biased, since my favorite music is about ‘Being in Love’ or ‘Falling out of Love’. Now don’t get me wrong ‘Rap’ is cool too. Plies, “Man Hold Up”. Need I say more? Well I will anyway. I don’t think you can get more real than that. The whole album is jamming. Plies makes me think of all the ‘Vagina Made Negros’ that have crossed my path. Oh & you know the track about ‘Doing It’? Well let’s just say, I would have ‘Done It’ one more time. (Smile) I will always jam anything from Snoop. That’s my boy! His new video is ‘So Live’. Yes, I said ‘So Live’ (80’s term)…LOL! Anyway, it is what it is….O.k. Jeezy fans. AG….”Hated it” I just thought he would have come a little harder…Calm down….I still like Jeezy…as a matter of fact…I secretly want him to be my ‘Man on the side’, but the new album….”YUCK”. There are so many more artist & music I like and dislike…”Do you have all day”? Well I don’t…So, until next time….

    Signed a cute 34 year old who still likes ‘Curtis Blow’

  2. Kimberly says:

    R.I.P. Chad Butler…aka Pimp C

  3. Kimberly says:

    Since my last comment a couple of things have changed. I have grown to respect Moserious’ taste in music. So I have slowly introduced Jay Z back into my disc changer line up. I am happy to say, I am pleased. I am definitely looking forward to the Jay Z/Mary J Blige concert on April 10, 2008. Let’s see if Jay Z can conform me into a FAN. I am destined to have a fabulous time anyway…Mary is performing & I am spending the evening with the ‘Best Boyfriend Ever’

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