RIP DJ Screw

Posted: November 16, 2007 in Music

Today is the anniversary of Robert Earl Davis aka DJ Screw’s death. DJ Screw is a legend. He was a pioneer of a mixing style that everyone on every coast uses today. I personally began listening to Screw tapes back in the early 90’s and still “bang Screw” till this day. I was blessed to have gotten the chance to know him and kick it with him on a few occasions. He was one of the most uplifting, inspirational, God fearing, talented, supportive people I’ve ever met. DJ ScrewSome of my favorite Screw tapes are “Southside Most Wanted”, “Barre”, “Riding High”, “Blue 22”, “Southside Riders”, “No Drank”, “Yellowstone vs. Nation”, “Plots and Schemes”, “Back on da Streets” and “Still a G at 27” to name a few. Legends in the rap game like Scarface, UGK and Spice 1 appeared on Screw tapes. These tapes opened doors for Houston artist like Lil KeKe, Big Pokey, ESG, ZRO, Lil Flip, C-Note, the late Big HAWK and his brother Fat Pat and the late Big Moe who starred on these tapes by hosting them and free-styling on them. It seems the untimely death of Screw triggered a national phenomenon in which hooks and choruses became screwed and even were made with samples of Screw tapes. I can’t say RIP Screw without saying RIP Big Moe, RIP Big HAWK and RIP Fat Pat. DJ Screw will always be missed but never forgotten…ya dig. Peace & Blessings!

  1. “do it like a G for screw and pimp c” – T.I.

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