Social Media Addiction

Posted: November 15, 2007 in Technology
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The other day, I was at home watching the Rockets barely win by 3 while updating some profiles I have when I realized, I have a lot of different profiles. For the most part, the bios are the same but everything else is different. I use Firefox as my primary internet browser because of the available plugins that help with SEO and the tabbed browsing. While updating and saving, I realized I had about 10 tabs open. I began closing them and looking at what they were and I realized I may be addicted to social media. I had a tab for Facebook, Imeem, YouTube, MySpace, My Christian Space, Fantasy Football, Virb, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I started thinking, am I the only one who uses all of these regularly? What am I trying to accomplish with all of these? More importantly, where do I find the time to use all of these? I meet new people, do lots of networking, get album sales generally get information. Anyway…I figure I have to one of the few who uses all of these social networking sites. I find myself checking them at least once a day. I find new ones to sign up for all the time. I think I’m addicted to them. All of these thoughts prompted me to write a rap. I call it “Social Media Addiction”.

The Lyrics:
I surf the web, I used to watch TV
now I’m logged into Joost, it’s commercial free
lets see where I want to go
and who I want to know
connecting people with people with web 2.0
I don’t use email unless I’m at my job
want the next post, I subscribe to the blog
I’m easy to find
I’m always online
social networking sites, I think I have nine
I use myspace to promote my music
I get friends and album sales that’s how I do it
but tell me have you heard
about the new word
something like myspace but they call it virb
always something new, I’m a start creatin
I’ll make a brand new facebook application
uploading pictures and mp3’s
update my profile and hit ctrl D
can’t stop what I started, it’s getting ridiculous
social book mark it, add it
some can’t take it but I just can’t quit
go to Imeem and listen to my playlist
watching videos on my You Tube channel
clickin so much, my mouse smoking like a candle
I’m online for hours, addicted to the power
10 tabs open on a firefox browser
I must be going crazy cause I can’t get enough
I guess I’m addicted to social media

  1. Linda Christin Halvorsen says:

    This is awsome! can you please come to our interaction design industry party next year?! Loved all your videos! (oh, and could I get the lyrics to Design Coding?)

  2. andrew says:

    wow that was amazing! im writing a paper on technology addiction and this def. got my brain thinking.

  3. Eli Shares says:

    Nice one mate. I’m using your vids in my post about Social Network Junkies. I’ve linked this post to it for the lyrics.


  4. […] Charles Lewis von Pop Labs, einigen vielleicht auch unter Chuck „the Seo Rapper“ also known as Poetic Prophet bekannt, hat auf den Beat von Jay-Z – Lost One einen sehr schönen Rhyme über Socical Media gekickt. […]

  5. Al says:

    Wow! I Just had a conversation about how hectic it is to keep up with all these social networking sites! I don’t know how other people do it..Here’s a different MediaRap site to check out as well. See or

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