Posted: November 9, 2007 in Technology
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Optimization…what is it? Everyone is saying it. Does it mean something or is it just a “buzz word”? To me, it is both, especially since I work at a SEO & Social Media Consulting firm. According to “Merriam Webster”, optimization is basically the art or process of making something, regardless of what it is functional and effective. I began to start thinking outside of the box with this term “optimization”. In regards to search engines, it is basically skillfully designing and coding a website inside and out to be highly functional and relative in the search realm and highly effective in converting site visitors. If Google, Yahoo, etc… can find it easy enough because it is relative to the searched key word or phrase and therefore list it on the 1st page then the optimization was done well. If a nice percentage of the visitors actually take action on your site and become a “conversion” or reach what Google Analytics calls a “goal” then the optimization was even better. But what about outside the world of search marketing. I mean, could I “optimize” something else? Last night, I found out I could. I was watching the Dirk squeeze out a victory against BD while going through my CD case. I was adding Cassidy’s B.A.R.S and Jay Z’s American Gangster to my collection. Normally I would’ve just put them at the back in the next open space but as I was flipping through, I realized that out of all this 200+ CD’s, I only listen to about 25% of them regularly, and, they are scattered throughout the case. I pulled them all out (why did I do that…). I started tagging (keywords) sections of the case, East Coast, Mix CD’s, Dirty South, Screw, West Coast, etc… I put the newest CD’s in first (updated content) in their respective section followed by the classic albums (favorites). Those I don’t listen to anymore got put on a CD spindle and stored away (supplemental results). When I finished, not only did the case have more space, but it was easier to find what I was looking for and it wasn’t as heavy. I optimized my CD case. What I found out was that the process was very similar to optimizing a website. Most importantly, it takes time and if done right, you’ll get the results you want(conversions). It also takes constant updating. I’ll be adding new CD’s frequently (updating the content). I think you get my point. This morning, while looking for something to wear, I realized my closet needs optimizing, lol. Anyway…just thought I’d share my optimization experience, ya dig…Peace & Blessings!


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