Where is Steve Francis?

Posted: November 8, 2007 in Sports

First, I can’t be mad at the current standing of our division.  The Rockets are number 1.  They should be 5-0 though.  They folded against Dallas when we had them beat.  I think an appearance from Steve would’ve sealed the deal.  I’m not sure what is going on in practice or behind closed doors but they need to do something.  I like the fact that Mike J is ballin right now and Skip is having a better season, but in order to be a true threat we’ll need that third threat and currently he is keeping the pine warm.  I’d hate to lose him to a team like the Lake Show or even Miami who could benefit from an All Star guard at a cheap price.  I heard he wasn’t “fitting” in the offense that Rick has implemented.  The offense is a run and gun high post based offense that I think Steve should flourish in.  I guess it’s cool right now, because we are winning, but, we all know that T-Mac won’t give us a full season and Yao is already tired.  I believe with Steve in the rotation, T-Mac might last a full season and Yao could rest more on offense.  Don’t forget he once led the league in rebounds from the guard position.  Anyway, good job Rockets on the season thus far and I’ll be patiently waiting for my boy to get in the lineup, somewhere…ya dig.  Peace & Blessings!

  1. Brian says:

    Your Rockets play my boy Kobe and the Lakers on the 14th. Should be a good game. I’ll be there.

    About Steve, he just doesn’t fit. His style of play is to dominate the ball – he has to create his own shot. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got shipped off somewhere else.

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