Mix CD’s are better than Radio Play

Posted: October 8, 2007 in Music
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Are mix CD’s better than radio play? This is a question I debated with a few friends of mine this past weekend. My answer is yes, especially if your independent with your own record label that produces, promotes and distributes the CD. If the CD is done right and actually has good music, it can be very lucrative. It also helps when you pay a well known DJ to host the CD like DJ Drama, Smallz, Mike Watts, etc… Although they may tax you to do it, you can still get paid a grip. It most cases, that money is needed anyway to promote the actual album. Being a huge rap fan, I prefer to listen to the mix CD that is normally released prior to the album anyway. Artist tend to have more flexibility and freedom to do as they please on Mix CD’s and therefore the album they release in the stores isn’t that good. For example, I think Jadakiss is one the most underrated rappers out right now. He has serious skills. He rips up Mix CD’s but his albums are sub par. I could say the same thing for Lloyd Banks, Jim Jones and countless others. Off top, I can only think of Lil Wayne who not only destroys mix CD’s but his albums are jammin too. Like right now, I’m anxiously awaiting the official Carter 3 release. Anyway, back to my point…to keep your name in the streets, you must have hot Mix CD’s which in turn will translate to album sales…radio does help a little.

  1. Brian says:

    Depends on what audience you’re trying to reach and the profits you hope to make. Mixed CD’s are a good pre-sales idea to whet people’s appetites for the actual album. Lots of viral marketing opportunity there. Radio has the ability to reach a much larger audience, and also reaches into demographics that go untouched in the mixtape scene. If it were up to me, I would do a 50/50 mix of radio and mixtapes, just to make sure all my bases were covered.

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