Steve off da Bench

Posted: October 5, 2007 in Sports
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I have to be one of the biggest Houston Rockets fan in the city of Houston so Steve coming back in my opinion is a great help at the guard position. In a rather heated debate with my good friend C. Bake, I chose the position of bringing Steve off of the bench for either guard position. Steve Francis He personally felt that Steve wouldn’t even help and definitely shouldn’t be at the point, based on his performance last time he was in Houston. My thoughts are we should start the rookie Aaron at point, Mike at the 2 and T-Mac at the 3. Aaron is a rookie and Mike is prone to foul trouble neither one of them would play the entire 1st quarter and Steve would come in to either direct the offense, score or most likely both. In my opinion, doing that would not only keep pressure on the opposing team but allow T-Mac the time to rest so he can be energized for the 4th quarter. I also think that Steve is one of the better guards we’ve had to feed the rock into Yao when he’s in a scoring position. At the end of the game, the Rockets would have won and the stats would probably look similar to this: Yao, 25 points 10 reb; T-Mac, 30 points; Steve, 15 points 8 assist. Mike is an excellent defender and this would allow him to defend the opposing teams perimeter player without the need to focus on scoring. I won’t say we’ll be in the Western Conference finals yet, I’ll wait to see what power forward we can find…

  1. Brian says:

    I would definitely bring Steve in off the bench at the 2 instead of the point. Steve’s a scorer who looks for his own shot first. This is not the type of person that you want running your offense. Bringing him off the bench at the 2 would be more effective because it would put non-stop pressure on the opposing team’s shooting guard. This strategy would work wonders for the Rockets.

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